Vision & Mission & Identity


We seek to develop six services sectors (food and beverages, Transportation, Information and media, Public Health, Gifts, Islamic historical sites) in Mekkah and transfer them to the ranks of the first world by 2020.


To enhance the hospitality and tourism industry in Makkah to the ranks of the first world.


T o enhance the tourism and hospitality services in Makkah and operate under the overall planning for Makkah development. This role will be performed through:

1- Develop and release quality standards technically and operationally.

2- Create and develop the business for investors under a healthy competitive environment to serve as a liaison between the public sector.

To make this identity more clearer, the company’s business can be detailed into the following activities:

1- The company has identified six sectors which need to be developed and enhanced with according to the company’s priorities.

2- The company will assessed the current sector status in cooperation with the specialized experts and according to its scope of work and specialization.

3- The company will coordinate with the government agencies and will sign strategic partnerships to conform with the comprehensive plan for the tourism and hospitality services development in Makkah.

4- The company designed an integrated strategic plan for the dedicated sector which include the technical standards, operational plan and control.

5- The company will offer the investment opportunities for the investors to start the implementation of the project.

6- The company will support the investors during the implementation and monitoring in compliance with the agreed specifications.

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Makkah Al Mukarramah - Saudi Arabia P.O Box 6481 24245

966-12-6573999 / 966-12-5674999

966-12-6062220 / 966-2-53696339

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