The Company Approach in the Investment Business

Strategic Planning & Investment:

The company will explore the investments opportunities for the developing sectors of tourism and hospitality industry in Holy Makkah, whereas it follows the professional standards and approaches to perform the economic studies and its engineering designs. Furthermore, the company will provide the technical knowledge and technical partnership arrangements in preparation to be submitted to the local and international business sectors and investment banks, based on a renowned strategic plan for the aim to develop the targeted sectors and achieve the desired development that leads to the development of tourism and hospitality services in Holy Makkah. Dhyafat Albalad Alameen company will conduct the strictest standards for exploring the opportunities and reduces the risks for the strategic projects and overcome the obstacles that faced the investors in the projects developed by the company through the following mechanism:

Firstly: Sort and select projects, whereas the company is studying carefully each project through a closer partnership between the public and private sectors to perform a successful partnerships for all parties (PPP).

Secondly: Dhyafat Albalad Almeen Company will get use of international financial and technical consultants houses and offices in the preparation of the feasibility studies.

Thirdly: Dhyafat Albalad Almeen Company will coordinate with Holy Makkah Municipality for taking the privilege of the government lands project for the purpose of development and investment with accordance to the municipality properties investment regulations, as well as to coordinate and assist in obtaining the required license from the governments agencies for the activity implementation.

Fourthly: Dhyafat Albalad Almeen Company as the projects owner will prepare the legal structures, regulations, and financial policies, required for saving the partners and investors capitals through the law firm offices that had an expertise in local and global investment regulations, and register the companies in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Commerce or through the General Investment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fifthly: Management & Supervision: To maintain the public and private funds, ensure the project progress, implementation, and follow up, from the projects incubation period to the projects effective operation, Dhyafat Albalad Almeen Company will adopt a corporate governance system in the implemented projects through a Board of Directors.

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