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Islamic History Sites Sector

The Islamic sites of history throughout the Kingdom, especially Makkah, place a great place in the heart of every Muslim in the world. From this point of view, Dhyafat Al-Balad Al Ameen Company will coordinate with the Development Authority of Makkah and the Secretariat of the Holy Capital and the Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. The services provided to visitors and the development of standards for the provision of services at the following locations:

Tourist Trails
Ain Zubaydah Palace
Mount of Rahma

Tourism Routes Project:

The project aims at organizing and defining the tracks to include most of the places that visitors want to see in Makkah City. A hospitality company will offer opportunities to investors to contribute and participate in this project within laws, regulations and scientific materials agreed upon by the company and the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities.

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