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A City Terminal (CT) is a hub for transportation system. The term City Terminal may connote different hub system, such as city airport terminals, city terminal check-in, bus stations, taxi stations, cable and tram stations. The essence of all transportation hubs is therefore the on-time delivery of goods, which is regarded as a primary factor of the urban economy and is being monitored by businesses and government alike. In addition to movements, a city terminal must provide its client with the most distinguished hospitalities in services and comfortability.


Holy Makkah is unique as the only city in the entire world that hosts millions of pilgrims annually at specifically limited period of time, namely the Hajj; as well as throughout the whole year, the Umrah. The Holy Makkah is host city for special people, namely the guests of Allah. Catering for millions of Allah’s guest is enshrined in the noble Qur’an, and Makkah is the chosen city that plays this important role. In respect of this, it is imperative that a city terminal for the Holy Capital of Islam can only be conspired and designed for the comfort of the people.


Although all city terminals around the world traditionally tend to offer wide range of conveniences and facilities for the benefit of their customers. Makkah can only fulfill its historical and religious particularities by providing even more and better services for its guests. Our Makkah City Air Terminal will meet this obligation.


Makkah City Air Terminal will feature public transport operations, policy and planning with a particular focus on sustainable public transport networks and transport interchanges. It will set new standards for especially quality passenger facilities and compact, inclusive and economically affordable for the millions of guests of Allah that come to this Holy City to perform the worshiping of Allah, as much as well for the residents of the city.



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Holy Makkah

City terminal

Transportation hub

Check-in and luggage services

Variety outlet



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