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Dhyafat Albalad Alameen Co. is stipulated to provide the best ways to display the Holy Capital in the form that resemble to the cultural heritage and religious status, and to promote the business development to an ideal level to meet the aspirations of the Holy Makkah City population and its visitors. Dhyafat Albalad Alameen Co. was thought to issue a paper and electronic explanatory guidance maps for Holy Makkah, Holy Mashaer, and the historical sites, for the purpose of contribution in the deployment of various fields of development, growth and promotion of the Holy Capital.

In addition to the paper maps, there is a guidance system in the name of Makkah Windows. The guidance system (Makkah Windows) is an easy browsing and operated on smart phones, and tablet devices, aims to assist Hajj and Umrah through displaying the descriptive and geographic information relevant to Holy Makkah and Holy Mashaer, the pilgrims services requirements and other general information during the period of Hajj, furthermore, it targeted to assist citizens and visitors by providing the Holy Sites information and the possibility of  recording geographic encyclopedia images to share with other users.

The main advantage for the system is to contribute in providing the easiest and finest services to users through the adoption of the electronic guidance which provides information about the surrounding sites to the current user location and provides for Hajj and Umrah the rituals which needed to be performed at this location.

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