Transport sector


Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is a prerequisite for the economic development. The transport sector in Dhyafat Albalad Alameen Company is aimed to provide the best and the most convenient solutions of technology, administrative systems and its applications, occasionally prepare polices, legislations, and technical standards with partnership with the public and private sectors to create an integrated system which contributes to achieve the company mission and vision through the following projects:

1- Taxi Makkah (Careem – Uber)

3- City Terminal

4- Highways Rest Area

Taxi Makkah Project:

Dhyafat Albalad Alameen Company was prepared the standards and specifications study to set up specialized company with the private sector in order to provide the taxi service for Hajj and Umrah with a fleet of more than 150 taxis. This fleet would have special parking in King Abdulaziz Airport, and in all cars reservation parkings across Holy Makkah city, as well as the special parkings near Alharam Almaki Alshareef and the surrounding hotels. The company will also provide an economically and luxury cars fleet with certified fees, and provided with the highest technologies and services, furthermore, the possibility of making reservations by phone or online or via smart phones programs.

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