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Makkah Gifts “Made in Makkah”

The most important for Hajj or Umrah during or after their completion of the rituals of Hajj or Umrah is to visit the nearest commercial or public markets to buy a gift for his family, or relatives, or friends for the reminiscence of his visit to Albalad Alameen. There were some Muslims who have not had the opportunity to visit Holy Makkah, and interested in acquisition of image or gift or souvenir for the holy land and Al Haram Al-Sharif. The most important projects for Dhyafat Albalad Alameen is to set up a specialized Saudi Company to adopt and maintain this acquired Makki Heritage.

Wherefore, the Company has adopted one of the national institutions, which is currently operating for the production of some handicrafts products which has Makki and Islamic nature and made with Makki hands through a cooperative social program.

Dhyafat Albalad Alameen Co. in cooperation with some handicrafts and productive families will design some products under the slogan of (Made in Makkah), furthermore, some products will be manufactured with the latest technologies and industrial equipment. The company will provide the dedicated land for this manufactory in Holy Makkah with collaboration with The Holy Makkah Municipality. The investment opportunity will be offered to the investors to contribute in this project upon the completion of the feasibility study.


Main Objectives:

  • Maintain Local handicrafts
  • Increase Job opportunities for Saudis
  • Increase the Growth Domestic Production (GDP) and Spending rates
  • Produce high quality products


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